Wait. What just happened?

January 10, 2012

It’s January 10th so I can squarely admit that my 2012 resolutions to stick to my writing schedule have long since expired.  There were such hopes of twice weekly food adventures and the passing along of love from my kitchen to yours.  I’m 3 posts behind.  Already. I will not be deterred from my desire [...]


Food Blogger Roundup 2011

December 31, 2011

I’ve been culling through the end of the year recipe roundups and thinking about my year spent in the realm of food blogging.   There have been conferences, speaking engagements, television appearances and networking events.  I shook a lot of hands and have eaten off many a cheese tray. Did I mention the wine? I awoke [...]


The toll of the holidays

December 27, 2011

First, the good news.  All is well. Now for the bittersweet holiday banter. I’m exhausted.  The kids can’t remember what they opened 2 days ago and my holiday cards which were guaranteed to arrive before the 23rd, are still not in my possession. (Who calls their company ‘overnight prints’ and then doesn’t deliver on time?) [...]


Calm Down Cookies

December 10, 2011

I feel like a little girl around cookies.  Curious, indulgent and without discipline.  The weeks between Halloween and New Year’s often encourage additional stress into my life and a cookie or two can, quite successfully, calm the nerves. Store bought treats have lost the allure they once had when I was in college.  My preference [...]


Inbetween moments and giving thanks

November 23, 2011

Everyone is gushing about gratitude the day before Thanksgiving. I agree. There is much to appreciate in our lives no matter what circumstances find us. Like many others, I made a few brief calls and posted on a few Facebook pages about thanks and family and friendship but my day was essentially spent in the [...]



November 19, 2011

This is where you can find me most nights.   One hand on the mouse pad and one hand scrolling through blackberry messages attempting to triage the thousand daily emails. I never hear anyone say they want to grow up and be a workaholic.  Not once has the description appeared on my resume. I could blame [...]


Put a little Pho-love in your heart.

November 2, 2011

In every life, there must be rain.  The sunshine in Southern California is relenting to a brisk air and the need for a light sweater.  My oven is active for no other reason than to warm my kitchen because I feel the holidays coming. November has me feeling blue.  It’s arrival marks the sixth year [...]


Secret Recipes

October 19, 2011

I come from a long line of durable women. The leader of the pack is Anita aka Auntie Neats.  This women is the definition of strength.  I can’t recall a time when she didn’t have her own personal viewpoint about something.  Anything.  Salt even. As a girl, my weekends were spent in her kitchen.  She [...]